How to make more money on your Youtube videos and websites

Explaining the non-intrusive, Adblock proof way to make money with simple Amazon links

An excellent method for increasing the money you bring in from your efforts on Youtube, blogs, and websites is to use the Amazon Affiliate program. It is a well-respected program that allows webmasters and content creators to make money without placing ugly ads or doing anything to turn away your audience. You can simply place a link in the comment below your video like this:

These are the sleep headphones I used in my video

And that is it. You now get a percentage of anything someone buys when they click on that link. It is super easy and very customizable to your audience. Instead of having ads that no one will click you can actually provide resources that your viewers will appreciate and will bring in a lot more money for you.

The best part is that the links can be helpful to your viewers. You can share with them things you showed off in your video in case they want to buy them. These are things your viewers might ask you about anyway. You can also tell them about the equipment you use or recommend equipment like this:

This is the crackling candle sound in my video

It's super easy. I'll walk you through it.

amazon affiliate guide

Click here for the detailed step by step instructions on how to sign up for the Amazon afflilate program and how to set up the links for products on your youtube videos or website.

amazon affiliate viewers

Click here for a link you can post explaining to your viewers the links in your page and how it will help you continue to make great content without bugging them with ads.

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