How to make more money on your Youtube videos and websites

Step-by-step explanation of the Amazon Associate affiliate program

First you need to sign up with the amazon affiliate program to get started.

Do that here:

Click on the Join now button

join amazon affiliate

If you already have an Amazon account you can use it to sign up. If you don't already have an account or would prefer to use another account you can create it during this step.

sign in amazon affiliate

OK now just enter your name and other contact information. You will want to enter your real name and address here as it will be on your checks. Don't worry. Amazon won't spam you.

account amazon affiliate

Amazon would like to know a bit about the website you plan to use for the affiliate program. You can use a blog, twitter, instagram, tumblr, youtube channel, or just about any other online page for this program. The size of the site or the amount of traffic will not keep you from being approved. Amazon won't deny you based on how many unique viewers you have. Amazon may reject your site for offensive or adult material however.

website profile amazon affiliate

Enter your phone number and a pin will appear on the screen. You will receive an automated phone call asking you to input your pin. Once you input the number the screen should say successful. You are now signed up and can start using it.

verify amazon affiliate

Now the fun part!

You can find any product and create a link on your website and start making money.

find product amazon affiliate

Use the search bar to find any product in the Amazon catalog and link to it. link product amazon affiliate

Once you find the product you can view it on Amazon. The easiest way to get the affiliate link you need to share on your website is to click on "short link to this page" That will give you a text link that you can copy and paste into your website or post. It will look like this when you place it on your page:

These are the sleep headphones I used in my video

You can also select the "link to this page" to get more options for links that will show text and a picture of the product.

That's it! Once that link is live on your page you will receive a percentage of anything that a viewer purchases on Amazon for the next 24 hours after clicking the link. The more people who buy things from your links the greater percentage you receive. Different products also receive different percentages so check the amazon associates central homepage to see the latest offers and hot items to sell.
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