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Creating quality content is a lot of work. I'm sure you appreciate seeing new content from your favorite websites, blogs, and youtube vidoes. Those who create the content deserve to be paid for their work but how can they do that without putting up annoying and intrusive ads? Well the owner of the site who sent you to this page doesn't want to overload you with annoying ads. They would like to find a more user friendly way to monetize their work. That method is by having links on their page to Amazon products. These links may be products they use and recommend or products that are relevant to subscribers. The links would look like this:

These are the sleep headphones I used in my video

Much better than an annoying ad right? You don't have to click on the link but if you do find it interesting and you click on the link then the owner of the page will get a small percentage of the sell. Pretty great right? It doesn't cost you anything to support your favorite sites and you don't have to see lots of ads in videos or pop ups on your screen. So please continue to support your favorite artists, authors, and content providers by clicking on the links that you find helpful.
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